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Test drive our program for at least 6 months and see what difference it makes in your business.

We are constantly updating our products and services to accommodate and satisfy our clients! We've just added *Magazines as part of our product line.


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Powerful Reasons to Sign Up Today!

When you sign up for this membership, your organizations will have the opportunity to take the advantage of "MD360i Market Dominator" to effectively handle your marketing needs. MD360i is more than ordinary marketing. It's an all encompassing 360 degree aggressive marketing platform with guaranteed result.


When you sign up today, (depending on your level) we will immediately start your 360 degree marketing campaign through email marketing, social network marketing, fax campaign, predictive and selective call campaigns, and much more aggressively. The social marketing component of the process is vast. Social marketing includes direct marketing to social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., Search Engine Optimizations, PPC, Article Publications and Management, Your Very Own Business Magazine, and much more!


As a member, you also have the incredible opportunity to automatically create and publish relevant articles to 100s of networking sites (linking appropriate texts to relevant pages on your website) and be able to sustain the effort without stopping. This action alone is worth more than your membership investment. Why? The reason is because it sets you up as the expert in your field. Being seen as the "Expert" translates to huge awareness, traffic, and new customers.


Another powerful reason to join is the ability to have someone at your finger tips ready to help you develop contents for your marketing ideas and strategies. Finally, you now have people that can work with you to create powerful PowerPoint video presentations, content development, website to mobile conversions, plus other numerous unique custom needs that you may have. This benefit alone saves you thousands of dollars.






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